How to Use VisaNet Connect - Card Services

The following is a list of services and use cases supported by the VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs. If you need additional information, contact the product office at [email protected]

Support for a Variety of Issuers

VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs are for use by both full service and "lite" issuers


Lite Issuers

Issuers without Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) required for supporting card management tasks involving encryption management and PIN issuance activities.


Full Service Issuers

Issuers that manage all card management tasks including issuing cards with chip data, managing ecryption keys, decrypting cryptograms, and issuing PINs.

API Details

Card Services API

Provides the ability for issuers to request a new card generation or update existing card details for existing cardholders. Issuers can generate Primary Account Number (PAN), Card Verification Value (CVV), Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2), EMV Chip Data, Track 1, Track 2, Payment Account Reference Number (PAR), and PAN Reference Identifier (PRI) for a card all through an API request message. Issuers and approved personalization vendors can also use this API to request card details for physical card issuance.

Card Services API Endpoints:

  • /new - generate details for a new card
  • /update - update details on an existing card
  • /get - retrieve details for an existing card. This endpoint may be used by approved personalization vendors.


Cardholder Database Update API

Provides the ability for issuers to designate special processing conditions that will be applied at the cardholder level. This includes:

  • Setting accounts with preset spending limits
  • Updating and querying stand-in processing (STIP) available balance 
  • Flagging stolen or compromised cards
  • Setting regional restriction for card usage



Provides the ability for issuers to request a new PIN or PIN change through an API request message. Visa will handle all PIN generation tasks on behalf of the issuer, including encryption key management, generating and storing the PIN Verification Value (PVV) value.