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How to Use Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center

Retrieving Offers Data

There are four methods which users can retrieve offers data:

  • Request for all available offers
  • Request for offers by Offer ID
  • Request for offers by Content ID
  • Request for offers by Reference Data

Request for all available offers:  This request prompts the VMORC Offers API to return all offers that the user may access.

VMORC return offers diagram

Request for offers by Offer ID: This request prompts the VMORC Offers API to return all offers with a specific Offer ID. Note: All offers and their translations have an identical Offer ID value.

VMORC return offers ID diagram

Request for offers by Content ID: This request prompts the VMORC Offers API to return offers with a specific Content ID. Each language specific offer has a unique Content ID value.

VMORC return offers content ID diagram

Request for offers by Reference Data:The user must first query the VMORC Reference Data API for available reference data values and IDs. Using the reference data response, the user prompts the VMORC Offers API to return offers that match the Reference Data IDs. Note: This is a filtered offer request.

VMORC return offers reference data diagram

Retrieving Reference Data

There are three kinds of data which users can retrieve from the VMORC Reference Data API:

  • Request for Reference Data
  • Request for Merchants
  • Request for Merchant Addresses

The following diagrams provide descriptions that outline the process for requesting reference data, merchant and merchant addresses.

Request for Reference Data: The information returned in this request allows the user to build filtered offer requests. (See Accessing the Published Data in the section above). The service allows the user to query for specific reference data types, reference data languages and reference data relevant to specific programs.

The supported VMORC Reference Data types include:

  • Business Segment
  • Card Payment Types
  • Card Products
  • Categories and Sub-categories
  • Languages
  • Program
  • Promotion Channel
  • Redemption Channel
  • Region
  • Promotion Countries
  • Redemption Countries

Request for Merchants: The information returned in this request allows the user to build filtered offer requests by a specific merchant. The service only returns merchants if the user is able to access at least one of the offers of the merchant. The user may query for merchants available within a specific program.

VMORC reference data diagram

Request for Merchant Addresses: The information provided in this request informs the user of merchant addresses associated with their accessible offers. The service requires the user provide merchant IDs to retrieve their corresponding addresses. 

VMORC reference merchant data diagram

Reference Data values may differ between the sandbox environment and production.


Various teams throughout the world use the VMORC APIs. This section lists a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: How do I request offers provided by specific merchants? 

A: First, you must make a request to the reference data API service for available merchant IDs. You then need to make a filtered offer request to the Offers Data API, providing the desired merchant IDs in the request.  

Q: The offer response can return a promotion date and a redemption date. What’s the difference?

A: The promotion dates indicate the day or days when the offer can be promoted, while the redemption date range indicates when the cardholder can redeem the offer.

Q: What’s the difference between Offer IDs and Offer Content IDs?

A: Each offer is assigned both an Offer ID and a Content ID. Each time an offer is edited, the Content ID updates to a new value. An Offer ID remains the same through each offer update.

In addition, offers translated into multiple languages provide the identical Offer ID.

Best Practices

This section lists information regarding VMORC best practices which users should be aware of in order to build a successful and optimized project.

  • Scheduled maintenance is periodically conducted on VMORC production. The VMORC API services are unavailable during specific scheduled times.
  • You are encouraged to cache offers in a middleware tier to ensure content is still available during maintenance times.
  • When referencing specific offers (for instance, in the configuration file), use the Offer ID. Offer IDs remain constant throughout offer updates, so the reference will not need to be changed when updated.

Recommendations and requirements displayed, may vary based on offers promoted. In general, you may want to display the following fields:

  • Validity Dates
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Logo
  • Offer Short Description
  • Offer Copy
  • Merchant Terms
    Note: This field can be combined with Visa terms under a unified “Terms and Conditions“ label.
  • Redemption URL
    Note: Add a Terms and Conditions button or a terms to redeem link.