Pagination (NAV-WEB-007)

Ensure pagination controls are accessible

Pagination controls must be identified as navigation elements by adding the attribute role=”navigation” to all pagination controls.

All pagination controls must also have the aria-label=”pagination”. If there are multiple pagination elements make sure they each have a unique label that contains the word pagination.


Pagination is Navigation (NAV-WEB-007-01)

Pagination controls MUST have the attribute role=”navigation”.

<div id="paginationControl" role="navigation" aria-label="Pagination Navigation,
Current Page 2">
	<ul><li><a href="page-1" aria-label="Page 1">1</a></li>
		<li><a href="page-2" aria-label="Page 2" aria-current="page">2</a></li>
		<!-- other pagination links -->

Label Pagination (NAV-WEB-007-02)

Pagination controls MUST have the attribute aria-label=”Pagination”. If there are more than one pagination controls on a page, they MUST have unique labels, but still contain the word "Pagination".

<div id="searchControl" role="navigation" aria-label="Pagination for search results">

Test Procedures

Juicy Studio > ARIA > Document Landmarks (NAV-WEB-007-01-T)

Confirm that any pagination controls on the screen have role="navigation".

Screen reader Landmarks (NAV-WEB-007-02-T)

Cycle through each landmark role with each supported screen reader and confirm that any pagination controls have the word "Pagination" included in their aria-label.

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