Page Title (PAG-WEB-003)

Include a unique, descriptive, and consistent page title

When a screen reader user lands on a web page the first thing the user hears is the page title. Page titles provide the user with context for the page so when a new page is loaded the user knows the general purpose for the page and is aware of a change in context. All pages must have a title that accurately describes the page purpose and is unique to each page.


Accurate Title (PAG-WEB-003-01)

An accurate and descriptive page title MUST be included on every page.

Unique Title (PAG-WEB-003-02)

Page title MUST be unique and conform to a consistent structure among the other pages.

Test Procedures

Title is Accurate (PAG-WEB-003-01-T)

  1. Inspect the HTML DOM and confirm that a <title> element is present.
  2. Verify that the page title provided is accurate and descriptive of the purpose of the page and content

FAE > Navigation > Title (PAG-WEB-003-02-T)

Verify that the page title is unique and conforms to a consistent structure among the other pages.

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