Working with Visa APIs

The steps below outline the end-to-end process around engaging with our APIs and building a new project. Explore the details below.

Visa is with you every step of the way

Visa Developer offers a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that gives you the ability to incorporate Visa functionality into your projects.

We are excited to work with you to innovate on the next generation of applications using Visa and our proprietary APIs. Each step below outlines what it takes to get your project off the ground. From finding a use case that meets your needs, to launching that project to your customers.

What you can do with Visa APIs?

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Find a Solution to Your Problem

We have a large selection of APIs, use cases and even examples from some of our partners that can help you find the solution to your business problem.

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Register for the Site

Registration for Visa Developer gives you access to our sandbox environment where you can start developing your first project using Visa APIs. And by registering, you will also be able to receive Visa Developer emails that can help you solve business needs.

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Create a Project

Once you register on the site, you get access to our sandbox environment that allows you to start engaging with our sample code and APIs. On the account-specific dashboard, you will have a place that you, or others on your team, can all work together to build something amazing.

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Learn what authentication code you need for your project based on the APIs you are using. We have both tips and tricks, as well as sample code that can help get you going with both Two-Way SSL or X-Pay Token methods.

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Managing Certificates

For all Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) projects, inbound credentials have an expiration date. Once it is about to expire, you can request a new set of credentials (this is only available in the sandbox environment). You can also access the Visa Developer Platform public certificates used to identify Visa API endpoints.

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Message Level Encryption

The next step in the process is to find out if your project API requires message level encryption to get going. Note: not all APIs need MLE today.

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Outbound Configuration

A project created with certain APIs on Visa Developer enables you to register the URLs on which you want to listen to events using Outbound Configuration. The callback triggers an HTTP POST to the configured URL when an event occurs. The client can then be notified on the URL and has the flexibility to take appropriate action on the notification.

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Going Live with Your Project

You've got your project in a good place and now you're ready to get it into the hands of clients using real production data. The below documentation will walk you through all the steps to get you going live - including contracts, pricing and everything in between.

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Engage with our Community

Whether you need help working with an API, or just want to explore the latest blog posts, our Community has a trove of information for you. Forums are especially great at crowdsourcing solutions to your issues, as well.

Ready to start a project with Visa APIs?