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Ecobank uses Visa Direct to support mobile app features that allow customers to shop cash free with QR codes and send money to anyone in and across 33 African countries.

API Used:

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Useful APIs accelerate testing and integration

“Access to Visa sandbox APIs was very helpful during integration and sandbox testing. With the Visa Developer Platform, it’s easier for banks and developers to test and integrate faster. We had tremendous support from the Visa project team as well.”

– Godwill Kwame Dodzi Agbleze, Group Card Operations

Taking advantage of Visa’s investment in payments technology

 “The Visa Developer Platform makes integration into Visa processing systems simpler and faster. This is a good sign that Visa is investing more in technology and not taking the evolution of payments for granted. We are happy to utilize this platform to implement Visa Direct and Pay with Visa across all our 30 Visa licensed affiliates."

– Godwill Kwame Dodzi Agbleze, Group Card Operations

Bringing cashless shopping by QR code to customers with mVisa

Customer taps Pay Merchant

Customer selects Pay with Visa

Customer scans QR code

Customer enters payment information and PIN

Customer confirms payment

Successful payment confirmed

Making it easy to send money across Africa with Visa Direct P2P payment functionality

Customer taps Send & Receive


Customer confirms transfer

Customer selects Send to Visa Card


Customer enters PIN to complete transfer

Customer selects source account, recipient and transfer amount

Transfer successfully completed

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