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Finix Payments uses Visa Direct to power the Finix push-to-card (P2C) platform that enables real-time debit card payouts for businesses, replacing traditional, slower methods such as paper checks and ACH transfers.

API Used:

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Visaʼs developer-friendly APIs help accelerate integration

“Visa’s set of developer friendly API’s was built without the complexities traditionally associated with legacy solutions, which has helped us speed up the integration process of moving money in real time and equip our customers with a more robust solution.”

– Richie Serna, CEO and Co-Founder 

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Successful implementation with start-to-finish support from Visa

“The Visa team was incredibly responsive and provided the guidance needed to ensure a smooth integration of the Visa Direct API into Finixʼs platform. Their customer support was critical in quickly and successfully advancing from sandbox to production.” – Dan Williams, Head of Business Development and Strategy

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A partnership for P2C payments innovation

“We were excited to see Visa open its technology to the developer community. Our partnership demonstrates the innovations made possible by utilizing the power and scale of a company like Visa.” – Sean Donovan, Co-Founder and COO

Helping businesses leverage new P2C payment technology

Providing funding options through the Finix P2C platform

Notifying recipient of payment

Recipient selects payment option

Customer uploads debit card info

Helping businesses leverage new P2C payment technology

Providing funding options through the Finix P2C platform

Finix receives a P2C payment request, runs validity tests and routes validated transaction information through Visa Direct to the recipient's financial institution—making payment funds accessible through any debit channel.

Using Visa Direct to enable P2C payments

The Finix P2C platform offers merchants tailored instant fund disbursement capabilities with the goal of greatly improving customer experiences.

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