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HST offers a white label digital wallet solution integrated with Visa APIs which provides frictionless digitization for issuers.

APIs Used:

Providing value-added services for digital wallets to enhance the user experience

HST offers a white label digital wallet solution integrated with Visa APIs which provides frictionless digitization for issuers. Visa Developer Platform (VDP) is enabling HST to provide an enhanced product offering through a variety of API’s delivering convenience, security, a great user experience and value added services to cardholders. 

"Visa Developer Platform provided the perfect platform to integrate with our white label digital wallet solution, enabling us to provide an enhanced product for our customers. Visa Developer Center provided us with straightforward integration and a speedy time to market."

- Eduardo Cunha –CEO HST

Mobile app integrated platform

The mobile app integrated platform scales Visa Token Service (VTS) Host Card Emulation (HCE) issuer wallet adoption with a white label solution. On top of that, traveler APIs have been added to enhance the prepaid cardholder experience while traveling abroad.

Technologies and APIs

Near Field Communication (NFC)/Host Card Emulation (HCE) white label mobile app integrated platform with Visa API’s (Visa Transaction Controls, Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, Visa Global ATM Locator, and Foreign Exchange Rates) + Visa Host Card Emulation SDK.

Note: An organization can request to become a token service provider by participating in the Visa Ready Tokenization program. Please contact Visa directly by emailing to [email protected] to get more information on Visa's HCE SDK. Visa will provide a program overview and the relevant documents necessary to proceed.

Example Mobile Interface

Here’s how Visa APIs helped HST build a white label digital wallet solution

ATM Locator

ATM Locator


Merchant Offers


My Itinaries


Currency Conversion


Transaction Controls

Key Benefits

HST has designed its own VDP gateway (a HUB gateway) to connect issuers. They currently offer two business models SAAS  (Software as a Service) and PAAS (Platform as a Service), which enables the following benefits:

  • Continuous delivery and deployment of large Visa APIs.
  • Easier for a developer to understand.
  • Developer speed and productivity. The Integration Development Environment (IDE) is faster making developers more productive.
  • Better testability - services are smaller and faster to test.
  • Better deployability - services can be deployed independently.
  • Each microservice (VISA API) is relatively a small box that can be transparently enabled.
  • Improved fault isolation.

Best Practices

Microservice architecture

Microservice architecture to isolate each service. Meaning that each module is independent in terms of maintenance and development.

VDP Dashboard management

Each issuer has their dedicated profile and key management repository.

VDP module in their PII Data environment

HST has integrated their VDP module in their PII Data environment, which expedite compliance requirements.

Scrum dedicated team

Dedicated scrum team to build Visa API backlog. On average, HST is adding up to 3 APIs per month.

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