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Zenith Bank uses Visa Mobile Push Payments to power its scan to pay app, with the goal of providing a fast, simple and secure way of making payments by scanning QR codes with a smart phone.

API Used:

Fast deployment with support from Visa

“The support of the Visa Developer team during the mVisa API integration helped us deploy the solution for our customers in record time.”

– Chinedu Epuechi, Software Developer

“The adoption of the solution by our customers was impressive and the numbers keep growing.”

– Chinedu Epuechi, Software Developer

Offering alternate ways to pay in a challenging market

“Due to challenges inherent in our market most especially for POS (power and network availability), the mVisa solution provided a cost-effective way to drive adoption of alternative payment methods.”

– Francis Chukwunyem, CIO

See how easy payments can be with the Scan to Pay app for merchants and customers

Merchant logs in and clicks Request Payment

Merchant sets preferred options and clicks Generate Code

QR code ready to share to receive payments

Merchant reviews transaction history

Customer home screen

Customer scans QR code

Customer confirms merchant ID

Customer submits payment

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