Visa Alias Directory Service

Simplify the push payment experience. Link and resolve an Alias to a payment credential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Alias types supported by Visa Alias Directory Service?

Visa Alias Directory Service supports phone and email for Alias types. Availability will vary by market and more Alias types can be added upon request.

Where can I find best practices on designing a good user experience for customers?

Participating clients are required to follow the mobile UI/UX guidelines to create a uniform and delightful experience for all consumers. Clients should refer to the Alias Directory Service Mobile App User Experience Guide for the user experience flows for transactions initiated and completed using the Visa Alias Directory Service. Please contact your Visa representative for this guide.

Why is it mandatory for the consumer to provide consent?

Consumer consent is mandatory to enforce a consumer choice of using the Alias and preferred payment credential to receive funds. Clients cannot enroll and activate an Alias without consumer consent.

Does the service work when the consumer does not have a Visa card, but another branded card?

Yes, the Alias Directory Service does support cards belonging to schemes other than Visa.

What happens when the consumer card is re-issued?

If the card is re-issued with same primary account number (PAN), there is no update required to Visa Alias Directory Service. However, if the PAN has changed, the client is required to update the Alias-to-PAN mapping with the new PAN.

What happens when the consumer Alias (e.g. mobile number) changes?

If the consumer's Alias changes, the client is required to update the Alias information.

Does Visa validate consumer payment credentials or Aliases for accuracy and ownership by consumer registering them?

Visa does not perform any payment credentials & Alias information validations. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure KYC of customer and due diligence of the Alias and the payment credential mappings in Visa Alias Directory Service. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all data provided to Visa, including the validity of the payment credential, that the payment credential belongs to the enrolled recipient, and that the correct Alias is matched with the payment credential. Clients must only submit Alias information for payment credentials owned by Client.

What happens when the consumer Alias entered by sender is not found during Alias resolution?

If the consumer Alias is not found during Alias resolution, clients may request the sender to continue the transaction by manually inputting the recipient's payment credential details if available.

Can a Bank, based on the Alias, give preference for transferring money within their own bank rather than sending to any other bank?

Bank cannot utilize the data retrieved from the Visa Alias Directory Service to steer an end user either to their own services, or away from services offered by other participating clients. All transactions should be based on consumer end-user choice. Auto-steering to a Bank's own bank accounts will result in a violation of Visa Alias Directory Service operating rules and possible discontinuation from Visa Alias Directory Service.

What happens if the recipient client has incorrectly mapped an Alias to incorrect payment credential?

During transactions, Visa requires the sender to verify the recipient's name for the registered Alias before submitting the transaction to Visa. Visa is not liable for any disputes arising due to incorrect setup of Alias and payment credential mapping in the Alias Directory database by participating clients and/or senders submitting transactions without verifying consumer name registered to Alias.

How does Visa Alias Directory Service manage customers with accounts at multiple financial institutions?

Visa Alias Directory Service has logic to address customers with accounts at multiple financial institutions. If multiple results are found, Alias Directory Service will apply business logic to determine the best result to return. For example, Alias Directory Service will look at the timestamp for when the payment credential was marked as preferred and choose the latest. 

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