How to Use DPS Card and Account Services

Retrieve Cards based on Search Criteria

The Search Card API retrieves a list of Primary Account Numbers (PANs) associated with the search criteria provided. Possible search criteria options are account number and routing number, name, customer ID, card replacement number (CRN), and member number. Only one search criteria is supported per request.

Click the API Reference link to see the technical details for this operation.

Manage Cardholder Account Information

Use the Card Services APIs to manage cardholder card and account information and balance information. Cardholders can inquire on and manage their card information. 


The Card Services APIs supports the following functions:

  • Creates a unique card ID for a card
  • Retrieves card and account detail and balance information for a given card ID 
  • Retrieves and updates card status for a given card ID
  • Performs card activation and verifies if information presented by user is valid for a given card ID
  • Retrieves transaction history for a given cardId