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Getting Started

DPS Payment Account Solutions is a modern issuer processing solution designed for digital platforms. Through our modular, open APIs, you leverage the reliability and operational excellence of DPS processing capabilities at scale. Solution your processing needs through a hosted account management system. Use our value-added services, card issuance, and lifecycle management capabilities as you design and customize your unique banking solution to distinguish you in the marketplace and keep ahead of changing trends. 

Why DPS Payment Account Solutions?

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Open Platform APIs

Our modular REST API building blocks enable simple, flexible integration of our services to your platform when building your card program, payment solution, and back-end support systems. 

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Our redundant data centers and operational rigor provide reliable and trusted payment services for you and your customers. DPS Payment Account Solutions prioritizes speed, high uptime performance, resiliency at scale, and security without compromising operational excellence. We have adopted an intelligence-driven, proactive posture against cyberattacks to protect our assets and your data from hackers and malware.

Operational Excellence

Flexibility and Customization Over Pre-Configured Solutions

Design your card programs’ capabilities by pairing your distinct business rules and functionality with our numerous services, delivering a unique customer experience that differentiates you in the marketplace. 

Cooperative Auth

DPS-Managed Authorization

As your processor, DPS Payment Account Solutions is your host system and will perform transaction and authorization processes on your behalf. Based on the criteria you define, DPS Payment Account Solutions does all the heavy lifting, delivering services such as verifying PIN and CVV2 in support of your unique business rules.

Single Point Settlement

Single Connection to Multiple Networks

The burden on financial institutions to integrate and manage card programs and network compliance is costly and resource intensive. DPS Payment Account Solutions offers a single solution to connect to the most common networks, providing you with resources and cost savings.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

DPS Payment Account Solutions offers a suite of value added services such as a Visa hosted web site, access to the Visa Mobile App, Card Lifecycle Management and Dispute Management.

Future Ready

Competitive Solutions in Digital Marketplace

Control your digital experience using DPS Payment Account Solutions APIs to integrate into administrative tools and cardholder self-service user intefaces.  

Access to Payment Experts

Access to Payments Experts

Visa DPS is the leader in transaction processing and managed services with 25+ years of experience. Our experts guide and help you as you integrate with our REST APIs and innovate on new card services. 

How does it Work?

Your digital app and issuer host platform integrates with DPS Payment Account Solutions processing services via REST APIs through two channels:

  •  Visa Developer Center (VDC) - Use the Visa Developer Center (VDC) channel to access DPS Payment Account Solutions APIs to create and manage cards, accounts, and profiles, as well as perform other processing services, like card inventroy management and other card program administrative services. 
  •  Outbound Services - Use the Outbound Services channel to integrate with Real-Time Account Communicator (RTAC) providing you with real-time updates of cardholder, profile, and card status changes. 


How it Works

This graphic shows how PAS system works.

Next Steps

  1. Review Payment Account Solutions APIs.
  2. Work with your Visa Representative to gain access to the Payment Account Solutions processing services.
  3. Create a Project.
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