Visa Account Updater

Helps sellers reduce the risk of declined transactions from account changes

Getting Started with Visa Account Updater

VAU BACKGROUND: Visa Account Updater (VAU) enables a secure electronic exchange of account information updates between participating Visa card issuers and acquirers for credential-on-file (COF) merchants, which enables a more seamless payment process. When participating issuers re-issue cards, they submit the new account number and expiration date to VAU. Participating merchants send inquiries on their customer’s stored credentials to VAU and are provided with updated card information, if available. This helps acquirers to proactively update buyer credentials prior to any purchase transaction.  In addition to purchase transactions, VAU also supports Visa Direct (OCT and AFT) and merchandize returns transactions.

VAU offers multiple solutions that helps address the challenge of updating credentials on-file when cards are reissued:

For Issuers, the supported channels include file (suitable for large volume), ISO 0302 and PAN LCM API.

For Acquirers, the supported channels include file(suitable for large volume,  VAU Acquirer API) and Real Time VAU. Each solution has unique capabilities, but both provide automatic account updates to merchants and acquirers.

For more information on VAU product and which channel is best to your situation, please reach out to your Visa representative. 

Things to Know

All Visa Account Updater programs in production require the originator to be a licensed Visa issuer/processor or acquirer or be sponsored by a licensed Visa acquirer who is ready and able to sponsor Visa Account Updater programs.

The APIs can be used by any developer in the Sandbox. To use  in Production you must be pre-approved by your issuer/processor or acquirer and Visa. The approval process is available as part of Production Onboarding. Use of the APIs is subject to the use restrictions and other terms and conditions set forth in the applicable agreement. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

For VAU product, please reach out to your Visa representative for more information.  For further information on APIs, contact [email protected]


Note: Participation in Visa Account Updater is highest in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy and Greece. Outside these markets, issuers are advised to speak to their Visa representative about VAU adoption in the countries where they operate, before deciding whether to test/deploy the API. 

The following table lists the regional availability for Visa Account Updater. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

North America Asia-Pacific Europe CEMEA LAC Notes
  • Available in entire region
  • Not available
  • See notes for available countries