Visa Card Eligibility Service Product Terms

Visa Card Eligibility Service Product Terms

Dec. 4, 2023

If You are a Visa Member, there are no Visa Product Terms at this time.

If You are not a Visa Member, the following Visa Product Terms apply to You:

1. Access is granted subject to approval by Visa and, where applicable, the relevant Visa Member that issues Visa payment credentials, solely for the purpose of confirming a Visa cardholder’s eligibility for a benefit, offer or promotion.  The information accessed via the Visa Card Eligibility Service (“VCES”) may be used only for confirming cardholder eligibility for the applicable benefit, offer or promotion and for no other purpose.

2. You represent and warrant that You have all necessary third party permissions, including where applicable, from the cardholder and/or Visa Member, to authorize Visa to provide You with VCES and Materials related to VCES.