Visa B2B Payment Controls Product Terms

Visa B2B Payment Controls Product Terms

Dec. 4, 2023

If You are a Visa Member the following Visa Product Terms apply to You:

    1. The Visa B2B Payment Controls service (“VPC”) Documentation include the applicable Service Enrollment Form(s) and the Visa Payment Controls Implementation Guide (jointly, and as updated by Visa from time to time, the “VPC Services Documents”).

    2. You acknowledge that authorization controls edit rules powered by VPC can be applied only to Visa-branded card transactions that are processed through VisaNet.  In addition, authorization controls performance is dependent on the presence and quality of the direct or derived data in the transaction message.  Authorization controls will not work correctly if the contents of the necessary data fields are missing, inconsistent or inaccurate.

    3. You agree that Visa is not liable for any failure of authorization controls to block or allow a card transaction in accordance with Your and/or cardholder’s chosen edit rules.

    4. To the extent that You choose to enable email or SMS notifications, You are solely responsible for (i) the content of any SMS messaging, including ensuring that such messaging complies with applicable Laws, (ii) any email or SMS notifications sent prior to unenrollment by a user from VPC or notification channel by You and (iii) clearly and conspicuously disclosing to users that certain costs and expenses associated with participating in VPC will not be covered or provided by Visa, including the following fees and costs:

        a. Users receiving notifications through SMS messages to mobile phones: the cost of obtaining a wireless carrier, an appropriate wireless data services plan, a compatible mobile device and/or any SMS message fees charged by the user’s carrier; and

        b. Users receiving notifications through email: access to a personal computer, Internet-enabled phone or other device used to receive emails, and associated costs charged by user’s Internet service provider.

If You are not a Visa Member following Visa Product Terms apply to You:

    1. To use and access this Visa Product, You must provide to evidence to Visa that You are the Agent of a Visa Member for purposes of using this Visa Product.

    2. Your access and use of this Visa Product is at the direction and on behalf of the Visa Member for which You are an Agent; and only to provide services to such Visa Member.