Visa B2B Payment Controls Error and Response Codes

This page contains both Visa B2B Payment Controls error responses as well as detailed success responses within the tables.

Note: You may receive other generic API error responses due to environment/connection issues.

Visa B2B Payment Controls Error Codes

This table shows error codes for Visa B2B Payment Controls.

Error Code ID Error Code Description
VPCER001 Invalid issuer BID or account range value.
VPCER002 Company already exists.
VPCER003 Unable to delete the company because there are accounts associated with the company. Please delete all accounts in the company first.
VPCER004 Invalid issuer BID or company ID value.
VPCER006 Account does not exist.
VPCER007 Invalid client ID value.
VPCER008 Invalid account details.
VPCER009 Invalid account expiration date.
VPCER010 Bulk operations support {0} records in one request.
VPCER011 Error occurred while adding account.
VPCER012 Invalid request. At least one account is required.
VPCER013 Account is not eligible for enrollment.
VPCER014 Account verification failed.
VPCER016 Invalid sequence number. Cannot have duplicate values.
VPCER018 Contact language is not enabled for issuer.
VPCER020 Invalid Request. Cannot block a card and suspend controls at the same time.
VPCER021 Email content type is not enabled for issuer.
VPCER023 Contact does not exist.
VPCER024 Error occurred while adding account.
VPCER025 Invalid page number. Page number should be greater than 0.
VPCER026 Start date cannot be greater than end date.
VPCER027 Invalid issuer BID or client ID.
VPCER030 Sequence Number cannot have duplicate entries.
VPCER031 Invalid Account Range.
VPCER032 Account already exists.
VPCER033 Account Number or service key does not exist.
VPCER034 Invalid account number.
VPCER035 The expiration date is less than current date.
VPCER036 Unable to process the request. Please try again.
VPCER038 Contact already exists.
VPCER040 ruleCurrency is required when setting a rule with amount value.
VPCER042 Invalid account details.
VPCER043 Allow countries (XBRX) and block countries (XBRB) cannot be set together on an account.
VPCER044 Duplicate rules detected :{0}
VPCER045 Invalid ruleCurrency : {0}
VPCER046 Invalid state code : {0}
VPCER047 Invalid country code : {0}
VPCER048 Amount should be greater than 0.
VPCER049 Amount {0} is invalid for {1} control.
VPCER050 Amount {0} is out of the issuer configured amount range.
VPCER053 Minimum amount {0} is invalid for {1} control.
VPCER054 Maximum amount {0} is invalid for {1} control.
VPCER055 Minimum amount {0} is out of the issuer configured amount range.
VPCER056 Maximum amount {0} is out of the issuer configured amount range.
VPCER057 Start date and end date are required.
VPCER058 Start date should be less than end date.
VPCER059 Threshold amount is required.
VPCER060 Recurring day is required.
VPCER062 Invalid or missing effectiveDay for BUS rule.
VPCER063 Time range is invalid for BUS rule.
VPCER064 Invalid or Missing startTime or endTime for Bus Rule
VPCER066 Time zone is invalid for BUS rule.
VPCER067 Invalid country code.
VPCER069 Invalid channel type.
VPCER071 Contact details do not exist.
VPCER074 Controls are suspended for this account.
VPCER075 Account is blocked.
VPCER078 Maximum number of contacts should not exceed the issuer set limit.
VPCER079 Unable to process request. Request size is greater than maximum allowed payload size.
VPCER080 EAM (Allow e-commerce with amount limit) and ECOM (Block e-commerce purchases) controls cannot be set together.
VPCER081 ATML (ATM with amount limit) and ATM (Block ATM) controls cannot be set together.
VPCER082 XBR (Block cross border transactions) cannot be set together with XBRB (Block specific countries) or XBRX (Allow specific countries).
VPCER083 NOTFUEL cannot be set with any other merchant category group.
VPCER084 Invalid notify option value.
VPCER085 Failure from VIP.
VPCER086 Maximum allowed cardAcceptorCodes for CAID control is {0}.
VPCER087 Maximum allowed states for DOM control is {0}.
VPCER088 Maximum allowed effectiveTimePeriods for BUS control is {0}.
VPCER089 Maximum allowed countries for {0} control is {1}.
VPCER090 Maximum allowed amountValues for {0} control is {1}
VPCER091 Maximum allowed merchant category code ranges for MCCB control is {0}
VPCER092 Invalid MCC range provided for MCCB control
VPCER093 Invalid MCC range. Min MCC cannot be greater than max MCC.
VPCER094 End date cannot be greater than current date

Visa B2B Payment Controls Response Codes

This table shows the possible response codes returned from Visa B2B Payment Controls requests. 

Response Code ID Response Code Description
VPCIN001 Company created successfully.
VPCIN002 Company fetched successfully.
VPCIN003 Company updated successfully.
VPCIN004 Company deleted successfully.
VPCIN008 Account created successfully.
VPCIN009 Multiple results. Please go through each response status for further details.
VPCIN010 Account details fetched successfully.
VPCIN011 Account deleted successfully.
VPCIN014 Account updated successfully.
VPCIN016 Contact created successfully.
VPCIN017 Contact deleted successfully.
VPCIN018 Transaction history fetched successfully.
VPCIN019 Notification history fetched successfully.
VPCIN022 Controls deleted successfully.
VPCIN023 Controls fetched successfully.
VPCIN025 Contact details fetched successfully.
VPCIN026 Rules are set on the account.