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How Click to Pay works

As a Merchant

As a merchant, you can implement Visa Click to Pay experience by integrating with Visa approved digital terminal solution providers or using Visa as a Digital Terminal solution. 

Visa Click to Pay eliminates key entry of card and personal information for a recognized user, reduces the total number of steps involved in checkout completion and helps avoid errors  for enrolled users, which can help lead to a better checkout conversion. 

Merchants or Payment Service Providers can integrate Visa Click to Pay checkout experience in their guest checkout flows by participating as Digital Terminals (SRCi) . Digital Terminal will enable flows like new user enrollment flow, returning recognized/unrecognized user flows and other ancillary flows including, fetch card list, card list ordering/display, consumer identity verification/step-up along with additional Visa branding and messaging requirements.

Digital Terminals manage and provide checkout integration to their clients. Merchants, Acquirers/Gateways and other service providers may participate as a certified Digital Terminal solution provider after enrolling in Visa Digital Commerce Program (VDCP) program and meeting all technical and non-technical requirements. Visa will work with qualified Digital Terminal solution providers to certify their solution for VDCP participation. 

Digital Terminals will enable integrated checkout experience at a merchant website and/or mobile app, based on Visa Click to Pay specifications. Please contact your Visa representative for more information.

Digital Terminal providers integrating to Visa Click to Pay must perform the following steps to get started:

  • Contact your Visa representative to get onboarded to Visa Click to Pay system
  • Partners must sign one of the following agreements:
    • Visa Digital Commerce Program (VDCP) agreement.
    • Addendum to existing VDEP agreement; or
    • Visa Acquirers and Acquirer Processors are covered under Visa Rules and can sign a VDCP enrolment form to participate in the program.
  • Build integrated Click to Pay checkout flows using:
    • Visa Click to Pay Java Script SDKs
    • Build Integrated checkout UX Flows using Visa Integrated Click to Pay Checkout - Digital Terminal Implementation Guide
    • Comply  with  Click to Pay Messaging and Branding Guidelines
  • Work with Visa Solution Approval team to complete the solution certification
  • Onboard your merchants into Visa Click to Pay system. 

Following specifications are available to support the two integration options to enable Click to Pay checkout experience. 

  1. Integrate Click to Pay playing the role of a Digital Terminal
    • Please contact Visa representative for Specification
  2. Integrate Click to Pay using Visa as Digital Terminal solution
    • Please contact Visa representative for Specification

Integrated Click to Pay checkout experience:

Existing merchants integrated with Visa as a Digital Terminal enabled button-based Click to Pay experience can continue to use their existing account(s) & profile(s) on Visa Developer Portal. Merchants just need to integrate with some new APIs available through the same SDK they use today to enable integrated Click to Pay experience. For more details, please refer to Visa as a Digital Terminal API reference Guide.

As a PSP

For existing Visa Ready users, log in to From the dashboard under Apply for Visa Ready click “Apply Now” and select Tokenization E-Commerce or Visa Digital Commerce Program (VDCP).

For new users, visit site and click on Get Started from the homepage or visit the eCommerce page and click Join the Program. Once the program application is approved, you will receive the VDCP contract for review. A fully executed VDCP contract is required to receive licensed documentation and begin the solution qualification process.