Small Business Travel Experience

Visa’s APIs, product and services can enable Issuers to help their Small Business clients travel securely and confidently.

Visa wants to help Issuers support Small Business efforts to run their business more effectively. As part of their day-to-day, Small Business employees and owners may need to travel for conferences, trade show or buy inventory or supplies. Visa enables Issuers with tools that can help their small business cardholders have an enjoyable travel experience.

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Enable Small Business owners to pay confidently while traveling

Visa’s APIs, products and services can provide Issuers with tools to help their Small Business clients spend more confidently while traveling.

Small Business Travel Scenario

Jacqueline has a catering business and has mainly been focused on catering for corporate events in her town in Illinois. She would now like to start catering at weddings. This weekend there is an international wedding trade show in Toronto and Jacqueline would like to attend.

Use Card

Inform the bank about upcoming travel

In advance of flying to Toronto, Jacqueline goes on her online banking app and informs her bank that she is going to Toronto.

Set a budget in advance

Set a budget in advance

She is also planning to buy a few samples at the trade show but wants to set a budget in advance, she therefore checks the exchange rate and sets alerts to remind herself when she hits her budget.

Enable Visa Business card for spend

Enable Visa Business card for spend

As soon as she lands in Toronto, Jacqueline enables her Visa Business card for spend abroad on her app.

Make Purchase

Match the location of the transaction

Jacqueline buys a few samples at the trade show. The Travel Notification Service can help her bank match the location of the transaction with the information she has provided them before her travels.

Receive offer when using Visa card

Receive offer when using Visa card

Jacqueline is also enrolled in her bank’s offers program. By using her Visa card for her taxi to the airport, she automatically qualifies for a free one-off “Lounge Access” at Toronto Airport.

Check card transactions

Check card transactions

In the lounge, Jacqueline relaxes and checks her card transactions of the day on her Visa Business Reporting tool. Using the Visa Business Reporting receipt app, she attaches to each transaction a picture of the corresponding receipt.

Key Benefits

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Control on the go

Issuer’s can leverage Visa’s APIs and products to help Small Businesses owners worry less about going over budget or fraud while traveling. For example, the Visa Transaction Controls API is designed to help control and track spend before, during and after travel.

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Help Increase card usage abroad

Visa Offers Platforms API enables Issuers to propose to small business owners offers that are relevant to their spend, which can encourage them to use their card instead of other payment methods.

APIs and Products Used

Visa Transaction Controls API

VTC control-types let cardholders place their own rules on a payment card's use and when to be notified of different financial events. Independent alert and decline settings can be tailored to different transaction and merchant types (e.g. ATM, Ecom, Gasoline, Gambling...) or can be applied to all payment account activity.

Visa Travel Notification Service

Visa Travel Notification Service helps you avoid mistaken purchase declines while your cardholders are traveling by incorporating cardholder self-reported travel plans into the VisaNet authorization message. With Visa Travel Notification Service, Visa informs you whether your cardholder is transacting during the travel dates and at the travel destination they reported, helping you more confidently approve transactions when your cardholders make purchases while travelling.

Visa Offers Platform

The Visa Offers Platform (VOP) provides clients access to qualified Visa transaction data of enrolled cardholders. By integrating with the Visa Offers Platform, clients can enhance their own loyalty and offer programs in new and powerful ways. The Visa Offers Platform accesses the VisaNet authorization stream to monitor enrolled cardholder transactions in real time and send relevant notifications to clients. Also, it monitors the settlement stream for settled transactions and sends relevant notifications to the clients. Using these APIs, clients can integrate Visa Offers Platform capabilities and transaction data into their own web and mobile applications.

Foreign Exchange Rates

Foreign Exchange Rates provides easy access to the Visa daily currency exchange rate for a given currency pair, where available. With Foreign Exchange Rates, you can provide a better user experience for cross-border and/or multicurrency transactions. The Foreign Exchange Rates API allows you to provide a source amount and a source and destination currency pair and get back the source amount converted into the destination currency using Visa's daily foreign exchange rates. This API can be very useful whenever you are building a project that requires working with multi-currency or cross-border transactions, such as cross-border remittances or person-to-person money transfers.

Visa Business Data Solutions

The Visa Business Data Solutions API provides a faster and more efficient way for participating issuers and their commercial clients to pull their commercial transaction data and make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights. Current APIs provide access to transaction and enhanced data along with Supplier data via different data groupings. Access is subject to Visa approval and subject to applicable terms and conditions. There is an Issuer subscription process to access the relevant data using APIs.

Visa Spend Clarity for Business

Deliver easy-to-use spend controls, innovative mobile and virtual payment solutions and detailed, streamlined reporting to help businesses of all sizes organize expenses, accelerate efficiency and drive compliance.

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Disclaimer:  This is for illustrative and informational purposes only.  Issuers are solely responsible for their own implementation and design determinations based upon their business, operational, risk, legal and regulatory considerations. Availability varies by country.