Foreign Exchange Rates

Get Visa's latest Foreign Exchange Rates instantly.

Foreign Exchange Rates provide easy access to the Visa daily currency exchange rate for a given currency pair. With Foreign Exchange Rates, you can provide a better user experience for cross-border and/or multicurrency transactions.

available for use by:

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

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Better user experience for cross-border and/or multicurrency transactions

Visa provides daily FX rates for the 180+ global currencies that are used within VisaNet to authorize and settle transactions. The current list of supported currencies with their alphabetic and numeric ISO codes and their minor decimal places (for displaying amounts) can be found on the Request and Response Code Reference.


The Foreign Exchange Rates API is available for use by any developer in sandbox and production. However, Visa retains the right to review your project implementation of this API prior to production on-boarding to ensure appropriate use of its features.

Key Features

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Be up-to-date on daily currency conversion rate.

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Provide a better user experience for multicurrency transactions.

Why Use It?

Better Payment Experience in Cross-Border and Multi-currency Transactions

The customer can be well informed of the daily curency conversion rate before completing a cross-border or multi-currency transaction.

How Does It Work?

Foreign Exchange Rates accepts a source and destination currency pair and returns the current day’s Visa exchange rate for the pair. It can also take a transaction amount in the source currency and return the same amount in the destination currency, with or without an optional FX rate markup.

APIs Included

Foreign Exchange Rates API

The Foreign Exchange Rates API provides easy access to the Visa daily currency conversion rate for a given currency pair.

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