Mobile Location Confirmation

Make better fraud risk decisions using geolocation intelligence.

Mobile Location Confirmation helps improve the consumer experience by helping you have more confidence to approve payment transactions when your cardholders travel. Visa can tell you at the time of purchase whether your cardholder is near a merchant requesting payment authorization.

available for use by:

Issuer Banks


Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Give your customers greater convenience when they travel

With Mobile Location Confirmation, Visa can tell you at the time of purchase whether your cardholder is near a  merchant requesting payment authorization. You can include this information in your decision to approve a transaction that might otherwise have appeared too risky to approve.

Key Features

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Real-Time Risk Assessment

Provides real-time risk assessment by incorporating geolocation information into the Visa Advanced Authorization (VAA) score. Issuers can use the service to help reduce the likelihood of declines on legitimate transactions. 

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Improved Cardholder Experience

Issuers can approve transactions that were once considered too risky and cardholders no longer have the need to pre-notify their issuer of travel plans.  

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Operational Efficiencies

Mobile Location Confirmation may help decrease call center volumes by eliminating the need for enrolled cardholders to pre-notify issuers of travel plans and by helping reduce the need for inbound/outbound calls resulting from declines of legitimate transactions. 

Why Use It?

Fewer Inaccurate Transaction Declines

Geolocation intelligence allows you to authorize transactions more confidently and keep your travelling customers happy.


Reduced Costs

Mobile Location Confirmation can help save operational costs associated with false positive declines and pre-travel notification calls.


How Does It Work?

Mobile Location Confirmation is a service that provides information about whether or not an enrolled cardholder’s mobile phone is located near the merchant requesting authorization for a purchase. Visa sends this information to you as part of the real-time authorization request. There are four main components of the Mobile Location Confirmation service:

  1. Cardholder Enrollment
    Cardholders will enroll in Mobile Location Confirmation via your mobile app, which must be enhanced to allow cardholders to enroll their eligible card(s) and mobile phone in the service. Within the mobile app, cardholders must explicitly opt in to the collection of geolocation information.
  2. Location Updates
    Once a cardholder enrolls in the Mobile Location Confirmation via your mobile app, the app begins regularly collecting approximate location from the cardholder’s mobile phone and sending that to Visa.
  3. Location Match
    When a cardholder transacts with their Mobile Location Confirmation-enrolled card, Visa compares the location of the merchant in the authorization request to the location of the cardholder’s mobile phone. Based on this comparison, Visa derives a Location Match Indicator, which informs you whether the mobile phone is located near the merchant. Visa then sends this Location Match Indicator and an enhanced Visa Advanced Authorization (VAA) score to you in the outgoing authorization request.
  4. Authorization Decision
    You can receive the Location Match Indicator and enhanced VAA score from Visa and use those as part of an approval or decline decision.

APIs Included

Cardholder Enrollment API

Cardholders provide their consent to participate in Mobile Location Confirmation through your mobile app. Therefore, you must add functionality to your mobile app that enables cardholders to enroll in this service. When cardholders enroll via your mobile app, call the Cardholder Enrollment API in order to enroll them in this service.

Location Update API

You can optionally implement the Mobile Location Agent to report mobile geolocation to your host system instead of directly to Visa. Your host system is then responsible for forwarding the location update to Visa using the Location Update API.

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