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Getting Started with Visa B2B Connect

About Visa B2B Connect

Visa B2B Connect is a business-to-business payment service that Visa is developing for pilot with participating banks to allow their corporate clients to pay their vendors and be paid by their own customers. Visa B2B Connect is designed to specifically address the challenges with traditional cross-border and cross-currency non-card payments. The full suite of Visa B2B Connect APIs will allow participating pilot banks or their technology partners to develop an end-to-end B2B payments solution for cross-border and cross-currency transactions.

Visa B2B Connect is a new platform designed to give financial institutions a simple, fast and secure way to process business-to-business payments globally.  Visa uses blockchain technology to build Visa B2B Connect to facilitate financial transactions on a scalable, permissioned but private network.

Visa has developed a new time transaction platform designed for the exchange of high-value international payments between participating banks on behalf of their corporate clients. Managed by Visa end-to-end, Visa B2B Connect will facilitate a consistent process to manage settlement through Visa's standard practices.

Visa B2B Connect provides a suite of APIs designed to enable participating banks to help automate business-to-business, cross-border and cross-currency payments.

Participating banks can choose to integrate to all of the available APIs to enable development of an end-to-end B2B payments solution that allows the bank to on-board its customers, setup eligible suppliers, check Visa B2B Connect foreign exchange rates and submit payments.

Alternatively, the bank can choose to integrate to a subset of the APIs to address more specific needs such as checking on the status of a payment that may have been initiated through the Visa B2B Connect bank-branded site or looking up a current or historical foreign exchange rate. 

Things to Know

Visa is developing Visa B2B Connect for use by participating pilot banks. The Visa B2B Connect APIs can be used by any developer in the sandbox with registration and acceptance of terms and conditions. However, only participating pilot banks and their technology partners will be able to use these APIs in production. Bank participation in the pilot is subject to Visa approval and execution of the pilot participation agreement.

You can use the API explorer provided in the API Reference section to understand the usage of the APIs in the Sandbox. Currently, the APIs are only available for use in the sandbox while the service is in pilot. Check back on this page later for further updates on commercial availability of Visa B2B Connect APIs.

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The following table lists the regional availability for Visa B2B Connect. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Region Availability Notes
North America

Looking up a Current or Historical Foreign Exchange Rate

The Payments API allows participating banks to view the current or historical foreign exchange rate for a provided currency pair.  This can be used to display the current FX rate to companies getting ready to make a cross-currency payment or to research historical FX rates. 

The FX rate calculator method requires that the bank provide both the source and the target currency ISO codes in the request but can be used with or without providing an effective date. When an effective date is provided, the FX Rate Calculator method response will contain the Visa B2B Connect foreign exchange rate for the requested processing day. When used without providing an effective date, the FX Rate Calculator response will contain the Visa B2B Connect foreign exchange rate for the current processing day.

When using FX Rate Calculator, the source currency is intended to be the currency of the originator of the payment.  The target currency will be the currency of the payment recipient.