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Visa Digital Enablement SDK

The Visa Digital Enablement SDK (VDE SDK) is a bundled solution that provides a common point of integration for Issuers and Channel Partners to get to market quickly with an ever increasing set of digital features. As an alterative to implementing multiple individual APIs, the Visa Digital Enablement SDK reduces the integration burden for mobile app developers. 

The VDE SDK  is a configurable mobile application component which supports a variety of digital use cases, including push provisioning to multiple digital wallets and the secure display of cardholder account details within a mobile application. The VDE SDK can help significantly reduce software development complexity and expense, support digital issuance initiatives and use cases while delighting cardholders with a frictionless experience.

The VDE SDK provides a secure method for cardholders to view and provision their payment credentials from within the client’s mobile application. The SDK aggregates multiple connections on behalf of our clients simplifying development efforts, helping to improve speed to market, and reducing the expense and complexity of connecting directly into multiple end points.

The VDE SDK supports two unique and configurable feature sets, one or both can be enabled depending upon a client’s needs and use case. These features can be configured at a BIN, BIN Extension and/or Account Range level: 

  • In-App Provisioning:  The ability to push provision card account data to several digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Visa Click to Pay
  • Digital Card Display:  The ability to display payment credentials within the mobile app

The VDE SDK is designed to be provided to a client, issuer/processor, mobile application provider, Fintech or Channel Partner and may be embedded within the relevant mobile app(s) by the team responsible for the mobile app development, which may be either the client or a party licensed by the client to provide their mobile solution.

If interested in using the Visa Digital Enablement SDK, please contact your Visa sales representative or email [email protected].

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