Payment Account Validation

Access multiple methods of ensuring that a payment account is valid.

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.


Determine if a particular Visa account is valid and in good standing

There are many situations in which you may need to know if a Visa account provided by your customer is valid before making services available to that customer in your project. Examples include validating a sender and/or recipient account before initiating a money transfer between them or validating an account before loading it into a digital wallet or card-on-file repository.

The Payment Account Validation API offers several methods that you can use to determine if a particular Visa account is valid and in good standing. Before using the API, it is important to understand what the available methods are and how they work. The API currently has four methods of account validation: Account Verification, the Address Verification Service (AVS), Card Verification Value (CVV2) Validation, and Account Name Inquiry (ANI). 

Key Features

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Validate a payment account before processing a transaction.

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Identify stolen, expired, or frozen payment accounts.

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Increase probability of a successful transaction.

Why Use It?

Seamless Transaction Flow

Applications can check if a card is stolen, expired, or frozen before initiating a transaction.


Early Error Detection

Applications can prompt users to correct incorrectly entered or invalid account number, address, or CVV2 information.


How Does It Work?

The Payment Account Validation API accepts a primary account number (PAN) as input and performs an Account Verification.  You can optionally elect to have Account Name Inquiry (ANI), Address Verification (AVS) and/or CVV2 Validation done at the same time.  The API returns the validation results for each option in the API response.

APIs Included

Payment Account Validation

The Payment Account Validation API allows applications to run validations on a payment account before processing a transaction, ensuring greater probability of success and allowing for a more seamless transaction flow.

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