CyberSource Payments

Make fast and secure payments through CyberSource

Visa Checkout

Deliver safe, simple, and speedy online shopping checkout

Visa Direct

Transfer funds seamlessly, securely, and quickly

Mobile Location Confirmation

Make better fraud risk decisions using geolocation intelligence

Visa Transaction Alerts

Receive notifications about Visa transactions in an instant

Visa Token Service

Reduce the risk of fraud with tokens

Visa Consumer Transaction Controls

Empower consumers to control how, when, and where their cards are used

Visa Risk Manager

Displays high-fraud risk transactions that require further investigation

Payment Account Validation

Access multiple methods of ensuring that a payment account is valid

Visa Travel Notification Service

Incorporate cardholder self-reported travel into your authorization decisions

Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service

Issuers can stop automatic bill payments on a cardholder's behalf

Merchant Search

Discover key information about merchants and make informed decisions

Merchant Locator

Quickly locate and map merchants around you

Visa Global ATM Locator

Look up Visa ATMs in over 200 countries

Merchant Measurement

Access purchase trend data at industry and sector levels to measure performance by geography

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry

Find key attributes of a specific payment account

Foreign Exchange Rates

Get Visa's latest Foreign Exchange rates instantly

Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center

Get access to pre-negotiated offers from top merchants around the globe instantly

APIs in this category are available on Visa Developer only so that you can experiment with them and give us feedback on your experiences. At the present time, they are not generally available. If you are interested in using them outside the sandbox, contact to discuss.


Enable virtual currency commerce in online and mobile applications

Fraud Inquiry

Enables Issuers to access Visa’s data on the usage and fraud statistics of their cards.

Visa Offers Platform

Enhance capabilities to provide promotional offers to card holders.

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