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March 2019

Welcome to the Visa Developer March 2019 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa dCVV2 Generate and Authenticate

Visa dCVV2 Generate is a service enabling Visa Issuers and approved third parties to request and receive Dynamic Card Verification Value 2 codes that can be provided to cardholders for use in remote commerce transactions.  Visa dCVV2 Authenticate checks the validity of a dCVV2 during authorization.

Refer to Visa dCVV2 Generate and Authenticate for more details.

Visa Business Data Solutions

Visa Business Data Solutions provides a faster and more efficient way for participating issuers and their commercial clients to pull their commercial transaction data and make strategic decisions based on data-driven insights. With this release, Visa Business Data Solutions is adding 2 new APIs to the existing suite of APIs:

  • Self-Registration API speeds and simplifies the registration process for Partner services that Visa and issuers offer. 
  • Registered User Details API provides a way for authorized Partners to pull registered user and company details directly from Visa. 

Refer to Visa Business Data Solutions for more details.

Standards and Guidelines

Visa Global Accessibility Requirements

We put a lot of time into creating a set of clear and concise accessibility requirements that worked for Visa products by helping teams to create WCAG 2.0 AA compliant experiences, so it just made sense to share the requirements with others. Your situation may require different or modified requirements, but we invite you to take a look at what we use and contribute to a more accessible web for everyone!

Refer to Visa Global Accessibility Requirements for more details.

February 2019

API Updates

Visa Europe Payment Stop Service

The Visa Europe Payment Stop Service (VEPSS) enables Visa card issuers to stop card-on-file payments (including recurring and installment payments) from being authorized, cleared, and settled through VisaNet. The service provides issuers with a method for handling cardholder stop payment instructions.

Refer to Visa Europe Payment Stop Service for more details.

Visa Payment Account Reference Inquiry

PAR Inquiry delivers the capability to retrieve the PAR numeric linked to a Primary Account Number (PAN) in real time. The input to PAR Inquiry is either one PAN or one affiliated Token to a PAN.

Refer to Visa Payment Account Reference Inquiry for more details.

January 2019

Platform Updates

Cipher Deprecation

Visa regularly reviews supported encryption standards to provide one of the best encryption for our APIs. As part of that commitment, we are deprecating older security protocols (ciphers) that do not meet current industry standards for connecting to our REST APIs.

Please make sure your systems are updated to Visa Developer's latest security protocol ciphers in order to ensure there is no disruption to your project.

Refer to the Updated Ciphers for Security blog for more details.

Assets Download from the Project Dashboard

Getting access to SDKs, important implementation documents and more assets, just became easier with our newly launched Assets experience on your project dashboard. 

  1. Log into your Visa Developer account and start a project. You will see Assets on the left sidebar, If you already have a project, click on the project. 
  2. Click on the Assets link to view all assets pertaining to the APIs you have added to your  project. You can download each asset as needed. You can also download global assets, such as design guidelines and branding SDKs that are relevant to all products.

Note: If the product is restricted, please request access to the restricted product before adding the product to your project and getting access to respective assets. 

Use Cases

Partner Showcase - Finix Payments

Finix Payments uses Visa Direct to power the Finix push-to-card (P2C) platform that enables real-time debit card payouts for businesses, replacing traditional, slower methods such as paper checks and ACH transfers.

Refer to Finix Payments use case for more details.

Partner Showcase - Hanseatic Bank

Hanseatic Bank uses Visa Transaction Controls to offer new features that enhance the capabilities of their mobile banking app, including card blocking, transaction alerts and real-time balance information.

Refer to Hanseatic Bank use case for more details.

Partner Showcase - Ingo Money

Ingo Money incorporates Visa Direct into its network of networks to help ensure real-time1 funds disbursement capabilities to nearly any debit, reloadable prepaid or credit card, mobile wallets, and even physical cash-out locations.

Refer to Ingo Money use case for more details.

Partner Showcase - U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank uses Mobile Location Confirmation as an opt-in feature of their mobile app to help prevent false declines for travelers by verifying if a customer’s mobile device and credit or debit card are in the same location.

Refer to U.S. Bank use case for more details.

Provide Relevant Offers

Everyone loves to save money, and your cardholders are no exception! Utilizing the Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center is a cost-effective way to deliver greater value to your cardholders. Visa sources 1,000sof offers from over 70 countries from a wide assortment of leading merchants that you can provide to your cardholders.

* Number of offers available varies depending on Visa cardholder’s country of residence & other considerations.

Refer to Provide Relevant Offers use case for more details.

Enable Simple Digital Credential Loading

Visa enables issuers to gain push provisioning capabilities with a host of merchants and wallets, without the need to contract and integrate with each Token Requester 1-1

Refer to Enable Simple Digital Credentials Loading use case for more details.