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July 2020

Welcome to the Visa Developer July 2020 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Merchant Screening Services

Visa Merchant Screening Service (VMSS) allows Acquirers to identify potentially high-risk, unreliable or fraudulent Merchants and Third Party Agents prior to making an onboarding decision and therefore helps reduce risk exposure to fraudulent and illegal transactions, and helps protect against brand damage and non-compliance assessments.

Refer to Visa Merchant Screening Services for more details.

Visa Stop Payment Services

The Visa Stop Payment Service (VSPS) enables Visa card issuers to stop card-on-file payments (including recurring and installment payments) from being authorized, cleared, and settled through VisaNet. The service can help to provide Visa issuers with a method for handling cardholder stop payment requests.

Refer to Visa Stop Payment Services for more details.

Visa ReadyLink

Visa ReadyLink (VRL) allows a Visa reloadable prepaid cardholder to add funds to their account from a ReadyLink enabled merchant terminal.  The VRL Merchant Locator API enables cardholders to search for ReadyLink enabled merchant locations. The API allows the location of participating ReadyLink merchants to be delivered in a user friendly way.

ReadyLink is only available for reloadable prepaid cards that are enabled to use ReadyLink. The ReadyLink symbol is located on the back of the card. ReadyLink is only available for “Card Present” domestic transactions. ReadyLink merchant locations are only available in the U.S.A. Merchants may set their own fees for cash reloads.

Refer to Visa ReadyLink for more details

Visa Cardholder Verification Service

Visa Cardholder Verification Service (VCVS) gives clients the power to verify consumer identity by using Issuer step-up to deliver dynamic authentication data directly to their cardholders.

Refer to Visa Cardholder Verification Service for more details.

B2B Virtual Account Payment Methods

The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method product now offers a new endpoint called ‘Get Payment Controls’.  This endpoint provides more visibility into the current state of an account’s authorization-level payment controls. It provides a list of all the authorization controls currently active on a virtual account (Processor PANs, Pseudo accounts and TSYS VANs). Specifically, clients can obtain the accumulated balance and the open-to-buy remaining on a Spend Velocity Rule for an account.

Refer to B2B Virtual Account Payment Method for more details. 

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry

Recently we updated Payment Account Attribute Inquiry due to which General Attributes Inquiry API is no longer available to new customers. Current customers are not impacted by this change. Refer to Payment Account Attribute Inquiry for more details.

We recommend using Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service for future needs. Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service enables the caller to look up information about a payment account. 

Platform Updates

Visa Developer List of Trusted Certifying Authorities

For trusting your server side certificate, the certificate should be issued by a known and Visa trusted Certificate Authority (CA). 

We recently updated the Visa Developer list of Trusted Certifying authorities on our website.

Refer to updated List of Trusted Certifying Authorities for details.

June 2020

Welcome to the Visa Developer June 2020 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Card-On-File Data Inquiry

Card-on-File Data Inquiry provides information about the merchants with whom cardholders have stored their cards on file and when the merchants have received updated card details, in the event of card reissuance.

Refer to Card-On-File Data Inquiry for more details.

May 2020

Welcome to the Visa Developer May 2020 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa B2B Connect

Visa B2B Connect now offers a new callback API called Payment Status Notification that can notify the originating or receiving bank about any changes in payment status. We also are now offering new enhancements to support Out-of-Network Payments. These APIs will ensure that payment instructions adhere to preliminary rules as specified by Visa Compliance and the additional of creditor fields relevant for out-of-network payments.

Refer to Visa B2B Connect for more details.

Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service

Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS) can enable eligible Visa clients and partners to look up the most current Visa BIN Information. Using VBASS, applications can access Issuer  BIN Attributes, which can help to build richer digital offerings and provide better customer experiences within the allowed use cases.

Refer to Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service for more details.

Visa Token Service Provisioning and Lifecycle Management 

Network Hub Push Provisioning (NHPP) has been renamed as Visa Card Enrollment Hub (VCEH). The name Visa Card Enrollment Hub is clearer and more aligned with what it does — enrolling consumer’s payment credentials into a number of locations. This change does not reflect any changes to the product.

Refer to Visa Token Service Provisioning and Lifecycle Management for more details.

Platform Updates

Visa Developer PKI

An X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is implemented by Visa for issuing and managing digital certificates to be used in conjunction with Visa products and services. This PKI consists of a hierarchy of entities called CAs that issue certificates to “Subscribers” (that is, end-entities or other CAs) within the hierarchy. 

You can download the Visa Developer Platform public certificates used to identify Visa API endpoints.

Refer to Visa Developer PKI page for more details.

Edit Fully Promoted Project

Once your Visa Developer Project is fully promoted to the certification or production environment and you want to use additional Visa APIs, you can use Add APIs feature to promote the newly added APIs. Simply add the new Visa APIs in sandbox of your fully promoted project and once you are ready to promote your newly added APIs from the sandbox to the certification or production environment, initiate the process for going live and to commercialize your project.

Refer to Going Live > Edit Fully Promoted Project for more details.

Visa Developer Pricing 

Pricing for Visa Developer Platform aims to charge our clients at the point where the capability provides value, for example, during a transaction, per API call, for a subscription, etc. Given the sheer variety of capabilities on our platform servicing multiple clients (issuers, processors, merchants, acquirers, FinTechs, independent developers, etc.), the pricing model is determined after examining the specific use case at hand.

Refer to Visa Developer Picing page for more details.

Visa Developer Commercailization

Developers can initiate their journey to go live by either engaging with their Visa representative or submitting a Project Promotion request (for their Sandbox project) through our Visa Developer Portal. The first phase of the Going-Live process, which we refer to as “Commercialization”, entails executing contractual terms that govern the pricing and licensing of Visa Developer Platform (VDP) APIs.

Refer to Visa Developer Commercialization page for more details.

API Reference User Experience

We have completely enhanced the API Reference experience to provide developers with easy navigation to all related product pages and made the code explorer more interactive. 

Use Case

Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation

Enable quick and easy validation of benefit eligibility based on the Visa card number to help provide a better cardholder experience.

Refer to Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation for more details.

February 2020

Welcome to the Visa Developer February 2020 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores

Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores are PAN-level creditworthiness scores that use transaction and authorization data to help predict the likelihood that a customer will become delinquent.

Refer to Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores for more details.

Merchant Search

Merchant Search now offers a new Transaction Lookup API that allows clients to get detailed information of the merchant at which a Visa Net transaction took place (allows search by transaction ID & date).

Refer to Merchant Search for more details.

B2B Virtual Account Payment Methods

B2B Virtual Account Payment Method now offers additional APIs to streamline the Visa Payables Automation (VPA) implementation process. There are four sets of new APIs to support buyer onboarding and promote self-service capabilities for ongoing management.  The new APIs will enable issuers and Fintechs to setup buyers with specified settings, configure funding accounts needed for pseudo account or TSYS Virtual Account Number (VAN) usage, as well as setup proxy pools used for single use account virtual payments.

Refer to B2B Virtual Account Payment Method for more details. 

CyberSource Payments

CyberSource Payments is no longer available on Visa Developer. 

Visa continues to invest in our developer platforms, including bringing together and Cybersource developer content into a new portal. Please visit: for up to date information on CyberSource APIs.

Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service

Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service is no longer available on Visa Developer.

If you are interested in using this product, please contact [email protected].

Mobile Location Confirmation

Mobile Locaton Confirmation is no longer available on Visa Developer.

If you’re looking for a Visa product that can help improve approval rates when cardholders travel, we recommend that you check out the Visa Travel Notification Serviceas an alternative solution.

For more information or questions, please contact [email protected] or your Visa account representative.

Visa Biometerics

Visa Biomterics is no longer available on Visa Developer.

For more information or questions, please contact [email protected].

Community Updates

Visa Developer Community Forums now provide new and improved discussion board categories to help you find answers to your questions quicker. Changes include more categories, specific to various stages of your developer journey with testing Visa APIs (i.e. Sandbox & Test Data, Connection & Security Errors, Implementation Support and more).

Using a board-specific search will refine your results to include related questions and answers within that board only. This is a great way to narrow results by your support needs.

What if I can’t find the answer I am looking for? Ask the Community by posting a new topic! Chances are high that other Visa Developers have similar questions, answers, or insight.

Explore the new categories. We’re here to help, all you need to join the conversation is a Visa Developer Community profile. 

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