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October 2017

Welcome to the Visa Developer October 2017 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Identity Documents

Identity Documents seeks to help you make better decisions when authenticating users by evaluating if an image depicts a user’s genuine physical identification document (driver's license, passport, military ID, etc.).

Refer to the Identity Documents Overview for more details.


Use biometrics like eyes, face, fingerprint, and voice to create simpler authentication experiences to satisfy customer needs for simplicity and speed.

Refer to the Biometrics Overview for more details.

User Data

Compare customer-provided information with verified data sources to help confirm name, physical address, email address, and phone numbers (VoIP, mobile, home).

Refer to the User Data Overview for more details.

Device Data

A unique device profile is created by examining a combination of hardware, software, and location attributes.

Refer to the Device Data Overview for more details.

Visa Transaction Controls

Visa Consumer Transaction Control is now renamed to Visa Transaction Controls (VTC) in recognition of the product’s expanding card control functionality that supports Visa Corporate and Visa Business travel and entertainment card purchase activity. Additionally, VTC will expand its notification capability to include “last-mile delivery” directly to the cardholder on the issuer’s behalf using email, SMS text message, or in-app push notification.

Platform Updates


Visa Developer introduces a new Glossary page that defines basic terms used in the documentation.

September 2017

Welcome to the Visa Developer September 2017 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Queue Insights

Visa Queue Insights provides predicted wait times for merchant locations based on consuming transaction-based intelligence and historical data from both Visa and external data sources. The capability is powered by a machine-learning prediction engine that utilizes crowdsourced feedback.

Refer to the Visa Queue Insights Docs for more details.

Visa Threat Intelligence

Visa Threat Intelligence helps you detect and protect against cyberattacks targeting payment data. It provides high-quality Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that draw on Visa’s unparalleled visibility into the global payments ecosystem.

Refer to the Visa Threat Intelligence Overview for more details.

Visa Account Management Suite

Visa Account Management Suite provides information about the merchants with whom cardholders have stored their cards on file and when the merchants have received updated card details, in the event of card reissuance.

Refer to the Visa Account Management Suite Docs for more details.

Platform Updates


Visa Developer introduces a new Support page with a list of frequently asked questions and details on how to get Support.

August 2017

Welcome to the Visa Developer August 2017 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Chip Simulation Service

Visa Chip Simulation Service enables simulation of contact and contactless transactions based on Visa chip standards, and may serve as a test simulation for chip and mobile transaction applications.

Refer to the Visa Chip Simulation Service Docs for more details.

Visa Card Eligibility Service

Visa Card Eligibility Service now enables you to validate the card and track redemption post purchase using the new Visa Card Eligilibility IFrame API. This API can be used by partners who do not have access to PAN data as part of their usecase.

Refer to the Visa Card Eligibility Service Docs for more details.


Visa Developer introduces two new solutions that combine products to solve digital pain points and address common use cases.

Credential-on-file Experience

Credential-on-file Experience provides enhanced transparency and control over credential-on-file payments.

Enhanced Funds Transfer Experience

Enhanced Funds Transfer Experience enables fast, simple, secure funds transfer directly to any eligible debit or prepaid card.

Refer to the Solutions page to easily navigate to all Visa Developer Solutions.

Platform Updates

Regional Availability

You can now access regional availability for APIs from the API Docs.

July 2017

Welcome to the Visa Developer July 2017 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Account Updater

Visa Account Updater enables a secure electronic exchange of account information updates between participating Visa card issuers and acquirers for credential-on-file merchants, which enables a more seamless payment process. 

Refer to the Visa Account Updater Docs for more details.

Visa Payments Processing

Visa Payments Processing APIs enable Visa clients, such as acquirers, acquirer processors, approved merchants and payment facilitators to process card-not-present payments through a direct interface to Visa’s global payment system.

Refer to the Visa Payments Processing Docs for more details.

Issuer Measurement

Issuer Measurement provides insight into how well your issuing portfolio is performing over time. For example, by using an aggregated and de-identified transaction dataset, you can compare payment volume growth against a benchmark of competitors.

Refer to the Issuer Measurement Docs for more details.


Visa Developer introduces two new solutions that combine products to solve digital pain points and address common use cases.

Enhanced Travel Experience

Enhanced Travel Experience enables you to provide a seamless payment experience regardless of your location.

Enhanced Merchant Information

Enhanced Merchant Information lets you reduce customer support inquiries and unnecessary chargebacks.

Refer to the Solutions page to easily navigate to all Visa Developer Solutions.

Platform Updates

  • New Product Availability Matrix that lists the regional availability for all products on Visa Developer.
  • New consolidated Product Docs page that now includes Things to Know and Guides with easy navigation to the Getting Started with Visa Developer Guide and Product API Reference.
  • New Share feature that lets you share the site pages via social media or emails.
  • New Docs page to easily navigate to the Visa Developer Global Docs and Product Docs.
  • Updated Getting Started with Visa Developer Guide with new content on Outbound Callbacks and Promote Project.
  • Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Notice that contain changes related to Visa Developer usage in Europe.

June 2017

Welcome to the Visa Developer June 2017 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

API Updates

Visa Supplier Matching Service

The Visa Supplier Matching Service is the fast, efficient way to identify suppliers that accept Visa Commercial payment products, so you can reduce time-consuming and labor-intensive paper-based invoice processing and check writing.

Refer to the Visa Supplier Matching Service Docs for more details.

Visa B2B Connect

Visa B2B Connect is a business-to-business payment service that Visa is developing for pilot with participating banks to allow their corporate clients to pay their vendors and be paid by their own customers. Visa B2B Connect is designed to specifically address the challenges with traditional cross-border and cross-currency non-card payments. The full suite of Visa B2B Connect APIs will allow participating pilot banks or their technology partners to develop an end-to-end B2B payments solution for cross-border and cross-currency transactions.

Refer to the Visa B2B Connect Docs for more details.

Visa Business Data Solutions

Visa Business Data Solutions provides set of capabilities to make strategic decisions based on Data-driven insights. The solutions enables fast, flexible and simple way to access commercial card data. It offers new way to access the data on demand. The API provides seemless integration model for commercial clients.

Refer to the Visa Business Data Solutions Docs for more details.

May 2017

API Updates

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry

A new version of the Funds Transfer Attribute Inquiry API (v2) has been recently launched to ensure that this API returns information about all the networks clearly. Originators planning to use the Push Payment Gateway Service to connect to the other US Debit Networks can now use this API to get PAN attributes for each network separately. 

Refer to the Payment Account Attributes Inquiry Docs for more details.

April 2017

API Updates

Visa Card Eligibility Service

Visa Card Eligibility Service (VCES) enables Visa client, merchants and developers to check for eligibility to offers and benefits based on the card number subject to terms and restrictions. The eligibility criteria may range from broad to more granular card attributes and can include access based on number of purchases of the offer or benefit done in the past. The attributes of the card (issuer BID, card product etc.) can be returned for an eligible card meeting the qualification criteria of the offer or benefit. You can configure the multiple 'Eligibility Level' for the same offer and return in the response for an eligible card, which could be used to create customer access levels. 

Refer to the Visa Card Eligibility Service Docs for more details.

B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

B2B Virtual Account Payment Method involves a suite of APIs, which allows you to use virtual accounts to automate the process of paying your suppliers. The APIs can enable you to develop flexible solutions across industries and segments. Whether it is a virtual account embedded within the procure-to-pay cycle, a virtual account used for payer-to-provider payments or a virtual account used in the travel booking process, the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method will streamline the payment process.

Refer to the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method Docs for more details.

Digital Card and Account Services

Digital Card and Account Services offers a new Card Services API that allows issuers and partners the ability to manage cardholder’s card and account information, notification settings and balance information. 

Refer to the Digital Card and Account Services Docs for more details.

Visa Offers Platform

Visa Offers Platform (VOP) connects clients with their cardholders in innovative ways. VOP provides seamless offer redemption process with no coupons or codes and no new hardware of software required for merchant integration. Cardholders can enroll in VOP system and become eligible for offers and promotions setup by the client. 

Refer to the Visa Offers Platform Docs for more details.