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October 2021

Platform Updates

Welcome to the Visa Developer October 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Improved “Contact Us” form error messaging:

The Visa Developer “Contact Us” form now includes clear messaging that calls out invalid characters, while stating which character types are possible.

Tutorials on Community:

Visa Developer tutorials can now be quickly accessed via the top navigation bar on all Visa Developer pages.

September 2021

Platform Updates

Welcome to the Visa Developer September 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Removal of “Trials” Category: 

All Trials products were removed from our platform to make way for more production-ready products. That means searching for products under the “Trials” category is disabled from the API Category Filter on the “Browse All APIs” page (

API Reference Design:

All products on Visa Developer now include a new API Reference layout and format. The launch was done to ensure we have the latest functionality available for our API owners and end users.

Biggest benefits of this new functionality include:

  • View and consume Visa API specs per the latest API standards and technologies – as supported by their respective Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) and Release tools.
  • Download API reference and use it for generating code for automation, maintainability, and generation of test cases.
  • Take advantage of Conditional attributes (allOf, anyOf, oneOf).
  • Inline API Reference search and results.


Product Updates

New Product/API: Visa Mobile – Poland

Visa Mobile APIs are intended to enable any eligible issuers or partners to provide new method of ecommerce payments. Thanks to Visa Mobile, customers will be able to store their Visa cards in one place and use them to make payments online in 3 simple steps.

For issuers, this API brings possibility to integrate their mobile apps with Visa Mobile solution and Visa Mobile standalone application – allowing their customers to use it as a quick payment method for shopping online. Payment providers will gain new method of paying online, based on phone number - that is quick, yet safe. 

Please refer to Visa Mobile for more details

New Product/API: Visa Direct Payouts

Visa Direct Payouts is built to help businesses deliver money to billions of endpoints worldwide through a single integration. This service enables money to be pushed into bank accounts and cards globally, supporting multiple use cases, e.g. Business Payouts, P2P transfers, Funds Disbursements and much more.

Please refer to Visa Direct Payouts for more details. 

May 2021

Product Updates

Visa Alias Directory Service

What’s New:

·         Date and Time: Alias resolution logic has been enhanced to capture the UTC date and time when a payment instrument is set as the default payment instrument for receiving funds. The date and time will be used when comparing results from third-party directories to ensure that the most recent result is returned to the requestor.

·         Clear Optional Fields: The Visa Alias Directory Service will now allow clients to clear optional fields using Update Alias by submitting a blank field.

·         Expiry Date: Effective May 26, 2021, clients in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan must provide an expiration date of the PAN when using the Create Alias API. Expiry Date is a conditional field. This change makes Expiry Date of the PAN a mandatory field for clients in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. This field will remain optional for clients in all other markets.

April 2021


Welcome to the Visa Developer April 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Visa Crypto APIs:

The Visa Crypto APIs are intended to enable any eligible issuers to provide buying, selling, and custody of digital currencies (initially bitcoin) to their customers directly from their native digital products. The solution can give issuers the tools to attract new customers as well as increase engagement for their current base by offering crypto features that come without the heavy implementation lift. Visa intends for its Visa Crypto APIs to offer real-time price quotes, best-price order execution, and a secure ledger of assets that are built to work with any front-end user experience. For issuers looking to keep their crypto-minded users within their product ecosystem, these APIs could bring the capabilities they need and the confidence to scale with Visa as their trusted partner in the rapidly evolving space of crypto.

Note: This is currently rolled out as a restricted product in Sandbox only. If you are interested in using testing Visa Crypto APIs, please contact your sales representative or email [email protected].


We’ve launched a new and improved “Tutorials” section in the Visa Developer Community! Now you can more easily search for guides, videos, and other training materials to help you troubleshoot and solve common issues.

What’s New:

  • Content types: Find helpful content related to your project with our updated search filters.
  • Looking for more help: Access relevant API documentation directly from tutorials.
  • Request a Tutorial: Ask for additional content that you feel the community would benefit from.

Refer to Tutorials - Visa Developer Community for more details.

Visa Alias Directory Service – Resolve API

What’s New:

  • 204 Response Code: In Resolve API Version 2 a 204 response code will be provided in the event a matching alias is not found in the Visa Alias Directory Service.
  • Error Messages: Error messages will be enhanced to show the error code and error message as separate fields for easier consumption.

Note: There is no impact to existing clients using the Resolve API Version 1. However, clients are encouraged to upgrade to Resolve API Version 2 to benefit from these enhancements.

Refer to the Visa Direct Alias API Guide for more information and examples.


March 2021

Welcome to the Visa Developer March 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Product Updates

Visa RTX

Visa RTX is an access channel into Visa’s new payment services designed to provide simplified consumption of multiple services through a single connection and provide an aggregated client experience.

Refer to Visa RTX for more details.

February 2021

Welcome to the Visa Developer February 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Product Updates

Visa In-App Provisioning SDK

The Visa In-App Provisioning Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies the technical integration requirements necessary to push consumer card credentials seamlessly from within a mobile app directly to Apple PayTM, Google PayTM and Samsung PayTM. The SDK provide a seamless, secure method for cardholders to pass their card details from the client’s mobile app to the wallet of their choice, eliminating the need to enter their card information separately.  For issuers and mobile app developers, the SDK improves speed to market, reduces expense, and removes the complexity of direct integration to multiple mobile wallets.

The Visa In-App Provisioning SDK can play a critical role in easily enabling digital provisioning flows for clients who are looking to support digital issuance use cases across the card account life cycle.

Refer to Getting Started with Visa In-App Provisioning SDK for more details.

Note: The Visa In-App Provisioning SDK is a restricted product. If you are interested in using the Visa In-Provisioning SDK, please contact your sales representative or email [email protected].

January 2021

Welcome to the Visa Developer January 2021 Release Notes that include key features introduced in this release.

Product Updates

Visa B2B Payment Controls

Visa B2B Payment Controls offers authorization-based payment controls solutions for B2B market segments such as Government, Corporate, Commercial and Small Business. This service allows more security and safety for commercial payments and provides issuers and their third-party providers with spend protection mechanisms.

Refer to Visa B2B Payment Controls for more details.

Use Cases

Partner Showcase - Keyno

Online Card Not Present (CNP) fraud is a major concern for card issuers today, and by using dCVV2 and the Keyno solution, dynamic data is introduced into the authorization message, which helps prevent fraud. Keyno is integrated with dCVV2, so with minimal effort card issuers can implement this powerful solution.

Refer to Keyno use case to see how Keyno used Visa’s dynamic CVV2 (dCVV2) APIs to provide a turnkey and easy to implement fraud prevention solution for Visa card issuers.

Case Studies

Visa Direct

Check out updates for Visa Direct to learn how Visa Direct can drive growth for you and your clients with fast, convenient and secure payments worldwide. Help your customers to send and receive money efficiently, securely, and seamlessly to billions of endpoints globally with Visa Direct.

Refer to Case Studies section to see how other companies integrated Visa Direct into their innovations:

  • Real-time access to earnings for gig workers – Postmates  
  • Credit line withdrawals in real-time for small business – OnDeck  
  • On-demand, push-to-debit and pull-from-debit solution for a wide variety of use cases - TabaPay  
  • Delivering faster payouts to their online sellers – Mercari  
  • Real-time access to funds for individuals, families and businesses – Setoo  
  • Providing faster access to earned wages - ZayZoon

Platform Updates

Visa Developer Onboarding

Production onboarding is the final step to launch your solution. When you are ready, we will guide you through our onboarding workflow to help ensure that the end product meets our expectations before we provide access to our network.

While every solution is unique, each VDP API product has well-defined principles for onboarding acceptance. Some projects can move to production in as little as two weeks, while others may take multiple months. The onboarding schedule depends primarily on factors such as Sandbox readiness, API Product complexity, and commercialization prerequisites.  A firm estimate can only be provided after Visa understands your design and requirements. Once your solution is approved and available for your customers, we’re here to support you should issues arise in production.

Refer to Visa Developer Onboarding for more details.

Asset Updates

Message Level Encryption Sample Code

Sample code illustrating how to perform message level encryption in Java, C#, Golang, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Postman and SOAPUI.

Push Payment SDKs

  • Mobile Push Payment Issuer SDK for iOS Swift 5.3, Version: 3.2.1 - SDK for use by an Issuer for mobile app development.
  • Mobile Push Payment Acquirer or Merchant SDK for QR generation - Swift 5.3, Version: 3.2.0 - Mobile Push Payment Acquirer/Merchant SDK for QR generation.
  • Mobile Push Payment Issuer SDK for QR parsing for iOS - Swift 5.3, Version: 3.2.0 - SDK for use by an Issuer for mobile app development.
  • Mobile Push Payment Acquirer SDK for iOS - Swift 5.3, Version: 3.2.0 - SDK for use by an Acquirer to enable merchant QR code generation.
  • Mobile Push Payment Issuer SDK for Android, Version: 3.1.0 - SDK for use by an Issuer for mobile app development.

Visa Checkout SDK

Visa Checkout SDK for iOS, Version 7.2.0 - Guide, libraries and sample app for VCO Mobile SDK for iOS. Compatible with Xcode 10.0 or later, supporting iOS 11 or later.

To download these assets, log in to Visa Developer and go to Project Dashboard > Assets.