Release Notes

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February 2023

Product Updates

Visa Acceptance Cloud: New SDK (22.09.01) is available! Updates:

  • All SDK methods need to be called on worker threads.
  • Localization implemented for PIN UI within the SDK for below languages.
    • Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, English, Portuguese
  • Visa US Common Debit AID and Mastercard US Maestro AID are supported
  • Security Guidance section is added in this document
  • Security fixes applied related to App background process crashes
  • Receipt data attributes are added to the Transaction object
  • Annex A-1: Support for TransactionType: Administrative & MerchantCustomInfo
  • Fixed the issues where PIN transaction failing for 5, 7, 9, and 11 digit PIN
  • Duplicate class build issue is fixed in the SDK to avoid conflicts with other libraries that are built with Dexguard configurations
  • Visa Risk Manager Network Agnostic: Visa Risk Manager – Network Agnostic is a unified solution for fraud detection and prevention with a Web Service based interface. This platform is uniquely designed to help customers optimize fraud loss prevention and maximize profitability by providing clients with an effective transaction risk management decisioning system that is scheme agnostic. From defining the parameters used to flag a transaction for review, to establishing rules to decline a transaction based on the potential for fraud, Visa Risk Manager enables intelligent decisioning throughout the entire transaction lifecycle on transactions on and off VisaNet.  Launched as Restricted.
    • Case Creation
    • Realtime Decision
    • Auth Method: Mutual SSL
    • MLE(Message Level Encryption): No
    • Availability: Global